Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Academic Mentoring and Support right here!

 You're here because you want to learn about college, write better papers, have fun (yes) finding something Different & Unique, Access a Higher Thinking forum, enjoy and pursue a fantasy world in your imagination. Then spend $30 for an hour and get some of the best advice you'll ever need.

I know how to help you get better grades: how to tell you what to do in your class to help you raise your GPA (mine went from 2.2 to 3.75). I can help with "which classes do I take and why? What about electives?" I know how to cram 1 hour before a test with GREAT notes and study guides and REALLY do well--how to prepare yourself. 

 I've taught over 150 college English composition, literature, and research classes. Middle school English too. Need help with an assignment--like "where do I find information that's credible?" or "I need some help proofing it--and getting started"?  Call or write; my fee is $30.00/hour for my services. Best advice y ou'll ever get if you want to pass the class, test, or more.

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