Grades and Standards

(I expect you to know how to write. These are the issues that will cost you points--or results--on your assignments.)

1. punctuation (5 errors max)

2. grammar (general errors by "you")

3. spelling 

4. format (presentation of paper)

5. structure (topic sentences,

paragraphs that stay together, 

cohesion of ideas

6.  use of quotes, transition phrases, 

action verbs 

7. citations when required

8. works-cited page

9. a thesis and title

10. ** 4 Personal/Social Motivators 

So: how do I grade? Holistically. I look at EVERYTHING, including your attitude, attendance, and effort.
Each of those ten requirements--and that's what I'm expecting you to do: write well or else--is yours to lose-- just 1 point on your grade for everything in that category that I catch as wrong on a paper. 

If you don't correct what you've written, then you leave it up to me to catch it and mark it down one point on a 2-point good/bad scale. 

You could lose 2 points in each category...and bottom out with a D or less when I total them.

4 points: down to an A-

6 points: down to a B+

8 points: down to a B

10 points: down to a B-

12 points: down to a C+

14 points: down to a C

16 points: down to a C-

18 points: down to a D

So you write well enough or else.

An 'A' is a 4.0

an 'A-' is @3.75

A 'B+' is @3.50

a 'B' is a 3.0

a 'B-' is @2.75

A 'C+' is @ 2.50

a 'C' is 2.0,

a C- is @1.75

A 'D' is @1.00

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