Thursday, June 24, 2010

Capital words and names

•    People’s names
•    Nations, continents, planets (Earth), stars, galaxies
•    Public places and regions (the South; Southeast), but NOT as a direction (“Go south 10 miles.”)
•    Streets, buildings, monuments
•    Cities, states, and provinces
•    Days of the week and months
•    Holidays
•    Organizations, companies, search engines
•    Formal institutions: colleges, departments, schools, government offices, courts of law
•    Historical events, named historical times and documents
•    Religious deities, revered persons, sacred texts
•    Registered trademarks
•    Names of ships, planes, and spacecraft

•    Titles of courses as named/with code #: sociology, mathematics, science,
–    But Sociology 102; Math 274; Earth Science 300

•    A title before someone’s name: “Senator Stone” but
–    DO NOT capitalize when the job title itself is used without a person’s name: the mayor; the senator; the congressman; the judge, 

•    Capitalize major works in a title
•    Capitalize the first word of a full quoted sentence: “She lit up the room like a flare.”
•     Do NOT capitalize a fragment of a quoted sentence: “...herding cats.”

•    Relative’s titles unless possessive: Mother, Father, Grandmother;
•    my mother; his father

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