Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fluid Learning Intelligence style is here

I am a Fluid Thinker and Learner; this is my style of Intelligence. It's the upside of ADD, and it does work well for those who are very active up to hyper-active. It may also involve abundant mental and physical energy, and ambidextrous abilities.

It is not one on the standard measurement systems; my intellect is extraordinarily higher than most people, but I don't test well. Yet I have an encyclopedic-photographic memory. I consume information with a left-brain format, but I'm very Creative & Quick with words, wit, and sound-images. 

 Fluid Thinkers use tangible and intangible ideas together in ways that are not always bound by structure: we extrapolate and juxtapose. This also reflects the dual-brain at work; with theatrical personalities that pop up in teaching skits. Teaching on multiple levels at once comes up for different ideas.

Jung would say I'm an Action-Intuitive, and I am very ethereal and empathic. I'm a medium (the ability to communicate with deceased entities; no, not "psychic") too sometimes when I've read heavily from an author and then start to mentally mimic his/her style. It gets complicated when I've found via reading that writers who passed away use my mediumship to get through ideas in writing. Some comics have also borrowed me: Groucho Marx, for one. O. Henry and Mark Twain--and Oscar Wilde, by birth claim of mine from a VERY recognized-by-friends past life association--have "taught" with me.

Not every Fluid Thinker is understood in his/her own land or time. It's because we can mentally travel in time. H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Ray Bradbury, among others, yes? Want a really wild and twisted great book: The Man Who Folded Himself. Wait until you meet time travel with yourself--as both male and female.

     I think with images and sound too; as a music journalist for classic blues, rock, jazz, and other styles, I wrote reviews that were filled with similes and metaphors that evoke the imagination. And I teach psychological astrology because the symbols are visual words that I can understand: like chess pieces that carry energy dynamics in their exchanges with personality and the psyche, and the board is the chart wheel.
     We're the New Students many of you are meeting in the classroom now--and our way of responding to and exchanging our awareness of ideas will be exciting and unique. We are Fluid Learners & Thinkers--and we are ready to share new methods of Understanding and Teaching with the world. We're Fluid Learners.

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