Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to write and prepare a proper college paper

How to write a proper college paper:
(note: this is "big time" writing.  But I think you can do this if you believe in yourself as a student. It's not "magic." No, I wouldn't run wild with a ruler to make sure it looks EXACTLY like this, but you get the idea, right? I also wouldn't put less than three lines at the bottom of the page.)

Needed ingredients:
(1) Header set-up; title
(2) Page numbers
(3) Margin and double-spaced
(4) Thesis: What is the idea of this paper? WHY is the thesis relevant? (What are you trying to endorse
/points to prove/discuss/explain/argue)? (How does it affect something in real life/another relevant idea? Why does it involve the world-at-large and how does it have an impact?)
(5) Topic sentences which open each paragraph that offer a GENERAL idea that will be explained later by...(6).
(6) Examples. Details. Quotes. Facts: they reinforce the thesis and are summarized in each topic sentence.
(7) Conclusion that restates thesis/shows results.

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