Monday, October 21, 2013

Reading is a gift for the mind and one's life

Reading has an unlimited number of rewards; one of the most important of which may be that it stimulates the brain and simultaneously, the power and capacity to think and use one's imagination. It also encourages and promotes the power of the mind to connect and synthesize ideas in higher levels of thought--as I've used in vocabulary, "to extrapolate and juxtapose." 

I'm extremely grateful that my family encouraged my thirst for knowledge when I was a child and twice bought me volumes of encyclopedia. It also laid the groundwork for my fascination as a child for the subject of Greek and Roman mythology, and also that of Egyptian, Babylonian, and Norse myths as well. This certainly influenced my decision to pursue my undergraduate degree in psychology along with my life choice of professional work as a psychological astrologer and Life Mentor in education.

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