Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Research with success!!

I'm often asked, "How did you find THAT idea so easily?"
Well, I've done a lot of research work on general ideas and topics, and I've found it's more about the way I use the search engines and how I phrase the search itself.

Like this:
Try putting "value of" or "significance of" as your opening words in Google or whatever search engine you prefer, and of course, whatever the idea itself is with it: "Academic value of Windows 8," for example, or "Significance of Windows 8 impact on consumers." It's the intro verb phrasing that can help--and Action verbs can also be useful in this manner. 

Again, as I've mentioned, the SOURCE itself can be as important as the search. That's why sources that are .edu or .org in nature are better--ESPECIALLY if it came from a college or university.

I've also found that there are "deep" search engines that aren't known to many: Dogpile (yeah, I know) is one of them.

So, I've found that it's the WORDING that made things easier for me to find on the 'net, and how I use the basic "need to ask/explain" what I'm looking for with a topic/idea. Then I look at the available sources and pare away the ones that are too generic/bland/simple, and look instead for the "quality" listings instead. Cut, paste, reword, and presto!

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