Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Animalia" alphabet Word Search for children and adults!

A memory of graduate school: a fellow student brings in books for us, puts us in pairs (small class, of course!) and asks us to do a timed participation lesson in word recognition--with pictures--in a contest with the others. The book was called "Animalia." The professor almost had to stand on her chair and yell for us to stop--because we were SO enthusiastic. It was funny to see ourselves turning back into eight-year-olds and saying things like "Cheater!" and trying to scoop up answers from comments made out loud.

I have done this with elementary, middle, and high school students--and they all loved it. I've also given away dozens of this book--and it is available on Amazon.com for as little as one cent plus $3.99 s/h. 

Note: there is NO answer key included in the book, but you can look it up online--or ask me for a copy of the file. And EVERYTHING on each page corresponds to the featured letter of the alphabet. (Plus, there's a secret image of the author himself as a little boy.)
Happy searching!! And here's the letter "C" for all you crafty cats!

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