Thursday, October 6, 2016

Creative Business English marketing concepts for Asian students

My Jiangxi University Chinese students are great at math problems and economics concepts--but for their Business English midterm group presentation, they have to conjure up a marketing scheme for a product. THIS is something they're not familiar with: how to brainstorm something and put it into a format (Powerpoint) whereby they can show the concept/idea and then put together a "let's sell it" plan. For one thing, they need to learn how to FIND an idea and how to see its potential. This is where I come in with Western thinking--and years of experience in marketing and sales--and what I call "Fluid Learning teaching strategies."

I found this video--and previewed it with them. It has five terrific ideas. They liked four of them, but didn't know how to see the "futuristic potential" of where they could take them as a marketing plan or direction. Again, this is where my Fluid Thinking style of teaching comes into play:

  • The first idea is like Ironman's Jarvis personal electronic assistant. That was easy enough for them to grasp its potential.
  • The second idea is a mini projector. They understood that easily enough too.
  • The 3D holographic phone really startled them, especially with its potential for viewing items to buy online and for playing games. (But I wasn't finished with that--and saved my ideas about 3D technology.)
  • The tablet-bracelet made them sit up in their chairs. THIS was the first one I viewed with them--and I noted, "It's WATERPROOF." They ALL wanted this one--but I added this idea to the "do later" list that I was building.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner also met interest by the girls, especially because they have no dryers in their dorm rooms (or my apartment!). 
And here's where I went with MORE ideas aside from these (I offered these as possibilities: THEY have to develop the marketing PPTs for the midterm). First: take the tablet-bracelet and make it 3D. That is a separate idea in itself. Next: take the tablet-bracelet in 3D and integrate it WITH THE mini-projector. My questions to them: "Where could you go with THIS IDEA?"

My responses: a 3D wearable tablet that can project onto a screen 100cm x 100cm. It's got potential for gaming, online viewing of merchandise--and even better, for simulated lessons for sports (soccer, ping pong, tennis, golf, basketball), and driving or even piloting lessons ON A LARGE SCREEN or wall. So with Fluid Learning, I showed them ideas, then expanded those ideas into new directions, and then showed them how to brainstorm these into possible further Powerpoint presentations for a marketing strategy for a new invention. 
And welcome to the Creative Classroom with Mr. Lopate!

Oh. The idea about the hydrosonic washer? I said, "How about a portable hair dryer just like the ones you girls are using: that uses the same technology--to dry your clothes instantly and without wrinkles?" Sign me up for one! Just let "Jarvis" remind me when I need to take my clothes out of the washing machine.

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