Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Learning--and school--is "hard to do"?

"I can't."
Why is that?
"Because it's hard."
Oh. The assignment was difficult to do? The class is hard to learn? Did you try?
"Yes, but it's hard. It's not easy to do."
Excuse me. THIS is hard: learning to walk on blades. Learning to RUN on blades. That's "hard to do." Not learning to do something; no. 
You may not LIKE learning to do something, or it may be DIFFICULT, but it's not "hard to do." It does require effort, concentration, determination, persistence, and application of your thoughts.
But it's really probable that ANY class you take--or project that you need to complete--is a lot easier if you believe you can do it--rather than being a child and learning to walk on blades.
Or better yet: just to stand up on them. 
And THEN learning to walk. Just a few steps.
Just ask these kids. Or better yet--look at their faces.
They're so at ease that it's almost funny to imagine how they don't even think about what struggles they had to overcome. One girl is almost bored: "Will you please go ahead with the starting signal so we can get on with this race?!"

By the way, school is DIFFICULT at times. It may be a class or subject that requires you to THINK or apply yourself--and MAYBE there's no video game or computer to use to solve the concept of the subject. Just imagine that: "I can't use a computer? That's impossible!"
Oh? Really? You mean that's harder than learning to run--or walk--on blades?

By the way: a confession from me about "hard to do." 
I don't like cooking. I'm not comfortable in a kitchen.
I just want it DONE NOW!
But I have to someday soon learn to cook. For real. Not just throwing-it-in-a-frying-pan-with-a-lid-and-wait.
And my specialty is water.
Especially fried water. I PROMISE I can fry water better than most people. I'm a gourmet at preparing fried water! I can fry it faster than some of the most skilled cooks on TV. I mean COMPLETELY well-done-and-gone fried water. Not even a trace of it.
But I have to learn how to cook so I don't do it again.
I may have to--horrors!--take a cooking class.

By the way, let me assure you about something if you're 18 years or older: the toughest test you ever had to take is something you didn't even realize at the time. It's the most important, significant, virtually-demanded-by-social-institutions-test you ever knew.
And you more than likely passed it and never thought twice about it.
Your driver's license.
Imagine that: if you DON'T have one, you need an alternate form of identification. And that's not something that's easy to get. Nor do people understand why you may choose NOT to drive--even though it may have a reasonable answer. You don't HAVE to drive either. But people will expect you to get a license, even for identification purposes.
So that's the toughest test you ever took. Because without that license, you have to do a lot more to PROVE your identification. 
That's easy.

Running--or walking--on blades? 
That's hard to do.
Unless you're a kid who learned and doesn't think twice about it. And they didn't listen to "I can't" in their mind.

So don't tell ME the class--or the assignment--or WHATEVER--is "hard to do" if you didn't apply effort. Or else I'll have to find a way for the kids to write and tell you what they think about "hard to do." They can teach it better than I could.

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