Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Classroom of the Future

Changing the way school is structured

The Future of Education - A School You Would WANT To Attend! 

Besides subject study, ample social time should be given between classes and play time (or nap opportunities) should be allowed in the morning and afternoon. A “free” class could be created where a child can expand on any topic they wish with other children, i.e., let the children teach the children. 

The length of time for classes should be less than one hour for each class, schedules should be individualized, homework should be a rarity, and the children should not be overworked or stressed. Class credits should be given for the interaction in community of gardening, building infrastructure, and care-giving.

School should be fun and the children will want to add as many classes as they can. Curriculum should be an interactive choice between the student, parent, and a counselor based on the capability of the child, and graduation of primary and secondary schools could be done at any age.

Careers in education

 Education will need to be continuously re-created as more strands of our DNA are activated and more information is available to humans through our higher selves and our Akashic records. One of Education will need to be continuously re-created as more strands of our DNA are activated and more information is available to humans through our higher selves and our Akashic records. One of the most sought-after jobs will be teaching these brilliant children and it will be one of the most rewarding careers to have. 

Education administrators will be free thinkers, organizers, and mediators, and will enjoy their jobs just as much as teachers. the most sought after jobs will be teaching these brilliant children and it will be one of the most rewarding careers to have. Education administrators will be free thinkers, organizers, and mediators, and will enjoy their jobs just as such as teachers.

 Does this article give you any ideas about the future of education and the co-creation of the New Earth? If so, now is the time to begin brainstorming and to form groups on Facebook and other social media sites dedicated to revamping our education system. Change will have to happen on the community level by example and then spread throughout the world due to the success of one particular curriculum over another. Information and awareness about the corruption of our current system and what we are going to do about it is the key to moving forward as free-willed humans.

Math- Geometry is the basic building block of all life. Math will take on a whole new meaning and new ways of arithmetic along with fun ways to calculate will be taught.

Cosmic Science- Identity and placement of Universes in our cosmos and the difference between free willed Universes and non free-willed Universes.

Universal Science- How planets, moons, and stars are sentient beings and how they all work together to form solar systems and galaxies.

Universal History- The history of the Universe including civilizations and placement in the Cosmos.

Creation Science- The study of how everyone and everything is connected from one Creator and how we contribute to that creation.

Human History- DNA studies, human genetics, and the history of humanity from Lyra to today, including the social statistics, behaviors, and characteristics of all humans in our Universe.

Human Rights- Constitutional Law on freedom and the Golden Rule.

Sexual Relations- The responsibility behind merging energies with another human and teaching the ability to decide whether another human body is created.

Universal Language- Learning the language of light which is understood throughout the Universe.

Universal Law- Learning the importance of Universal Law and how it relates to all sentient beings.

Astrology - Learning how to read and fully understand your birth chart.

Astronomy - Understanding the importance of stars, planets and constellations.  Learning how the stars can show us the cycles of time along with how they can be used for navigation.

Sixth Sense Studies- Developing all of your innate gifts.

Meditation - Guided classes on how to safely travel the Universe with your consciousness, learning new meditation techniques, developing new ones.

Exercise- Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.

Galactic Ambassador Training- How to become a galactic ambassador, spaceship flight training.

Healing- Methods for keeping the body clear of negativity (reiki, quantum touch, etc...), responsible thinking, service to others.

Gardening- How to grow organic food and hemp for cultivation, different forms of gardening such as hydroponics, permaculture, etc...

Technological and Industrial Sciences- How to make almost anything from hemp, 3d printing, free energy technology, encourage free thinking and non-competitive invention

Environment- The true importance of being stewards of the earth by living on her without making footprints and healing the environment.

Recycling- Maximizing what has been created in the past into something sustainable.

Council of Elder training- With the elimination of government, a Council of Elders training program will be facilitated to ensure that future elders will always be working in humanity's best interests.

Music- All forms of music including history, composition, symphonic band and concert, and voice.

UFO Research - Classes on the documentation of UFOs through night vision goggles, how to interact with them, sky mapping, UFOs in Art History, etc...

Creative arts- All forms of creativity including art, dance, drama, and writing.

Community- How to contribute economically to your community through barter, volunteering, and communal care-giving for all children. Creative culinary classes and decorating houses for energy flow could be subjects.

Life Path Development - Helping people find their life path, based on their astrological charts, personal interests and past life experiences.

Spiritual Psychology- Learning how the body, mind, soul and spirit interact.  Dream analysis, dream journals, counseling methods, past life regression techniques are included in this genre.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dinosaurs: a Movie

A student has asked for a movie about dinosaurs. The animation on this film is pretty realistic--but a warning that it's got a measure of realistic violence that befits the creatures. After all, these are prehistoric monsters who either were eaten by larger predators or lived on plants in a quantity that allowed them to grow to huge sizes. 

And whether it's the male-female T-Rex pair stalking and successfully killing a Triceratops, the arrogant Allosaurus who tries to establish his status for territory against a much larger, sleeping dinosaur, or the angry mother Mosasaur who attacks the predator sharks who killed two of her newborns, these are the beasts that captured our imaginations in all their furious ways. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I made a promise to help your son-daughter+

Mom-Dad-Grandma-Grandpa-Auntie-Uncle, I made a promise to your son-daughter-grandchild-nephew-niece. Simply said: if they want to get extra help and support from me during the years ahead while they are in school--whether they're in elementary, middle, high school, or--I wish it so: college or university--that I will help. 

I'm stating for the record that I told them AND you that I will be available at NO cost to help them with their studies. That includes research material for classes. And it also includes "Mr. Lopate, I have a special topic for a class. Can you help with an idea?"

Yes. That's what I told them when I met them in my classroom. Doesn't matter where they are now. It matters that they have a mentor available. I'm here for them. They may have gone on to another school--or maybe I did--or whatever--but I'll still help.

I cared for them then, and I care about them now.

That's my promise. And I'm putting it here in writing for everyone to see.


Mr. Lopate

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Vietnamese refugee rescue at sea: 1980

History lesson for anyone born after 1980 and for those who ask "what is freedom?" It is the right to choose and make decisions for the well-being of oneself and one's family. It is the opportunity to find success by the efforts that are made by the individual. It is the acceptance of one's beliefs, values, and standards as long as they are in harmony with society and one's chosen country, provided that there are no significant and unbiased restrictions on those beliefs or values. It is the ability to be accepted regardless of one's skin color, even though it may be disliked or not welcomed by those with shallow minds. It is the chance to live in the United States of America.

I was aboard the USS Blue Ridge, the 7th Fleet flagship, the day these people in the movie were rescued. It makes my throat close up with memories of how hard we searched for the people who fled Vietnam in 1979-1980 in these small boats. They crammed aboard with limited food and water, and some did not make it safely to rescue efforts. On my first ship, the USS Oklahoma City (CG-5), we worked 20-hour shifts in flag administration to get the logistics and coordinated efforts of the officers who were involved in planning these rescue operations, especially in planning the P-3 Orion planes who were sent out on reconnaissance missions. 

I remember the public address call that asked us for clothing donations. I gave up some dungaree pants, and I remember seeing them on one of the men who was rescued. I am so thankful that I was a sailor in the U.S. Navy.

Friday, October 26, 2018

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