Sunday, September 1, 2019

Vocabulary can save your life! (joke)

Monday, August 26, 2019

How the Platypus got its a children's book

Poor Platypus from Australia is afraid of Mr. Dingo-dog and his kind because they hunt all kinds of animals. And Platypus has no kind of defense! So he asks his friends for advice and help.
But Mr. Ostrich has long legs and can run fast, and Mrs. Kangaroo can jump far away very quickly, and wise Brother Koala hides in a tree which no one else likes to eat—and poor Platypus has nothing!
So Platypus asks Mother Nature for help—but there’s a problem! See, Platypus keeps asking for more and more and more! And he won’t stop—until Mother Nature is mad because he wants too much! And that’s why poor Platypus now is “the creature that is half-animal and half-bird,” and everyone thinks he is the strangest-looking thing in Australia!

Here is the first, “original story” from the aboriginal people of Australia about the origins of this strange animal, and also a new, “original story” by me and my fascination for the platypus.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

"The Girl Who Made Friends with Dragons" by Mitchell D. Lopate

We now have a baby dragon to share with the world. No, not in my family--but from my mind and hands. The Girl who Made Friends with Dragons is now on!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Grammar Planet for complete lessons and skills!

It is fast, responsive, and fun. Only 15 minutes per day!

GrammarPlanet is a comprehensive and completely online grammar, punctuation, and usage curriculum. GrammarPlanet will help you or your students master the mechanics of English, become a more confident writer, and even prepare for high-stakes testing.

How does it work?

Students log in and complete units on specific subjects (see the unit outline). Each unit begins with a teaching video and a PDF of notes, which we highly recommend be printed. Students then complete a series of activities culminating in a test of that subject. The system is responsive, meaning that students who take a little longer to "get it" will get more practice before the test. There is no time limit and students can take as much time as needed to master the material.
GrammarPlanet is aimed at students from 10 to 99 who want to improve their English. It can be used by students in school, students at home, or adults individually or as a group.

Our Team

GrammarPlanet is run by a group of passionate professionals who have either worked or volunteered their time to serve children and adults through
Children International
Habitat for Humanity
Cub Scouts
Georgia Governor's Teacher Advisory Council
The United States Air Force