Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conjunctions and comma splices

Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?
    ,For
    ,And
    ,Nor
    ,But
    ,Or
    ,Yet
    ,So

And they’re preceded by a comma when they make up a complete thought in a sentence!

Conjunctions and comma splices

Normally, a complete sentence with two separate thoughts gets a conjunction.
  •   Jack went to the movies, and Jane went to the skating rink.
(Each portion is complete by itself; they can form two separate sentences.)
If the conjunction is dropped along with the comma, a SEMI-COLON replaces it (see above).
FANBOY fakers! (boo! hiss!!)
  •     However; moreover; therefore (when used in the middle of a sentence).
    (A complete thought/idea is needed before-and-after in the sentence.)
  •     “Basketball is my favorite sport; however, I am also a track star.”
  •     “I aced every paper; therefore, you could raise my grade accordingly.”

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