Thursday, June 24, 2010

Italics and Underlining

•    Underline titles of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, plays, films, TV series, long poems, musical compositions or large works, web sites, online databases and works of art.

(Italics should be used in other settings where appropriate.)

•    “Use quotes for short poems and song titles.”

•    Do not italicize or underline sacred works (the Bible, etc.)

•    Do not…books of the Bible, titles of documents and laws.

•    Planes, trains, and ships

•    Underline (or italicize) names of ships, trains, airplanes, and spacecraft.

Do NOT underline or italicize abbreviations that precede names:

    USS Constitution

Underline/italicize letters, numerals, and words referring to the alphabet:

“It had a large blue Z and a red 28 on it.”

Underline/italicize foreign phrases and words

•    (Do not use either underlining/italicizing for emphasis. Find a better word to use in its place!)

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