Monday, July 26, 2010

They're there, I hear here

Some EASY misspelled words
(and how to learn them):

You're = You Are.  The apostrophe is showing       the "hidden" letters.

Your = belonging to you. If it's not "yours," then it's "ours." (the "Y" in You was given up, see?)

Two = Number 2.  Put your TWO index and middle fingers together and make a "W" and you'll see TWO fingers each making that "W."

Too = "extra."  There's an extra "O" in the word too.

To = in some direction.  "Go TO someplace and stay there."

Hear = being aware of sound.  You "hear" with your "EAR."

Here = a location.  If it's not THERE, the "T" got lost, so it's "HERE."

There = a location.  See above. 
Their = possession of 'something.' 
If it's THEIRS, it belongs to 'THEM.'

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