Saturday, August 7, 2010

On the road again....

JUST so you know:  the toughest test you ever had to take is NOT in college.  No, you most likely already passed it (although you probably would fail it again if you were an older person).

No matter how you worry about that upcoming exam, NO ONE is going to have the traumas that afflict someone who fails his/her driver's license.  Think about it:  NO one will stop you on the street and harass you for your G.P.A. or make faces over your transcripts...but they WILL give you a fine (or a reprimand) if you can't drive well.  (Or maybe you SHOULDN'T be driving if you're that bad!)

I promise:  for all the licenses I have earned for all the business endeavors I have been employed in, NONE have had the impact on my life as having the privilege of being authorized to operate a motor vehicle.  Nor have my entrance tests, final exams, mid-terms, or other assignments had as much significance as my license to drive.  So don't worry about that test coming up, or that paper due:  put your energy into PASSING it instead of worrying!
It's guaranteed to be a lot easier than getting licensed to drive a car!!

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