Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Children of Earth: teaching austistic and gifted

I can say with the greatest concern for anyone who has a child with autism that there is wisdom here that should be understood and explored.  As I have stated before on this blog, the old ways of teaching and evaluating our children MUST be reexamined and reconsidered. 

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Dr. Schweitzer has made a video as well as her web site at


 The New children, Nova Children come in all varieties, Indigo, Crystal, Octerines, Magenta, Star and there will be many more. They all have one thing in common, they live, move and breathe in the reality of wholeness. They show us a new harmony, a tapestry of Divine Law. Any interruption in the way they process life with this harmonious flow and ebb of energy literally causes them to ‘bounce off the walls’. There is need to understand the way their energy moves and functions, so it may be used in a productive way. This is a worldwide phenomenon. 

‘New Children of Earth’ reveals Twenty-Two ‘Creation Codes’, rhythms of the New children, the way they move, function, maintain balance, accelerate their development and most important the way they bring knowledge into wisdom and love to humanity. This is break-through information on how children are born with an expanded spirit of wholeness for the creation of a new reality.

The New children of earth have come as forerunners of new ways of learning, perceiving and being. Their presence is an indication that we are changing and new abilities are needed, especially in times of disaster. If cultivated properly the children have within them the ability to deal with the unexpected because they are able to be 'fully involved, aware and focused on many things at once'.

The codes presented in this book not only show how to cultivate their abilities, but they also show how to release the trauma of disasters. The many children affected by today's events of 9/11, tsunami, war and the hurricanes could be easily helped by applying the information presented in the New Children of Earth.

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