Thursday, November 15, 2012

Teaching is my life work

(Why teaching matters to me --or academic mentoring, if you will. And yes: I send this young woman books every so many months on a variety of subjects just because she loves being educated and learning more. She doesn't ask me--I just do it because it makes a difference for her. She's now in law school too.)

            "When you were a professor @ Snead State, I had the honor of  being your student in English 101. I remember talking to you because one day I felt so overwhelmed due to lack of family support. My family never understood the value of education, and my father can't even read. 

    "I think back to those times when you said 'If you say you can't, you won't.' Every time I have had enough of college, work, and life situations, I keep pushing myself knowing that someday I will finish college, and if the only person that comes to my graduation is my son and myself, that's fine with me. All that being said, I just wanted to say ''Thank You''. I will be graduating with a pre-law degree in the spring of 2012, and I am working on admissions for law school."


Jessica G.
Guntersville, AL

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