Saturday, December 21, 2013

In-text citation formats done the EASY way

(This is also found on the APA/MLA in-text page, but as a back-up reference, here's the main idea): 

How to cite a source in the body of your assignment/research paper

•    When an idea/info is FIRST used or referenced as an example/detail to back up facts or concepts, give full credit to the author (if available; job title if valid; place of employment if it’s a Big One), source (what was it?)
Use signal words to indicate presentation of ideas; authority of source

In a Time magazine essay, Michael Stone, Director of Alabama Educational Administrative Services, notes that “Today’s college students need more basics in English composition than ever before.”
    •    Paraphrasing or rewording 
    •    Optional: reword or rephrase an idea, but give credit to the source/author as before.

    In a Time magazine essay, Michael Stone, Director of Alabama Educational Administrative Services, validates the importance of a strong background in English composition basics in order for today’s college students to be successful.

      –    Same idea, but without quotes. Still shows source.
      •    Once an author has been “introduced,” next time, just use last name with action verb

      • Additionally, Stone also called for the requirement of more emphasis on research and cross-curriculum projects to develop student awareness of writing in a college environment.
      • Refer to a website by the article title and source:
        • An article from an Odessa College website,  “Chompzilla Eats Grammar Errors,” breaks down the various choices of punctuation.
      • Magazine or newspaper: name them!
        • A Time magazine article by Janis Tanner, “The Growing Awareness of Indigo Children,” brings up the topic of a new generation of youngsters and parental understanding.
      In-text citation/direct quote II
      •    No signal phrase or action verb used; author named before elsewhere in paper?
      •    COPY WORDS EXACTLY, and put author’s name/ “article title” in parenthesis behind it.

        • For example, it is noted that “most attorneys are well prepared by our state college programs” (Furman 21).
      –    (note that the quotation marks only cover the exact words used and that the citation itself is the end. Number refers to page if a print source)
      •    In-text citation; multiple works by one author; no signal/action verb
      Need to indicate which source it comes from:

        “Many senior members of law firms have demanded tougher writing standards for new members” (Furman, Judiciary Journal 39). 
      “It appears that newly graduating attorneys will  be required to show better English grades and results on their transcripts” (Furman, “Literary Legal Loopholes” 44). 

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