Sunday, August 11, 2013

Transitions: words that connect ideas to time, space, and relevance

Transitions connect! Use them to bridge and link ideas in a flow of thought--ESPECIALLY details and facts that support a topic sentence (and thesis). (And for the simple reason that they add more words to your paper--which will help UNLESS you've been told to do a "one-page paper or else!" assignment like I saw in graduate school.)

Joining Phrases

•    also, and, again, as well as,

•    furthermore, in addition, moreover

Comparing Phrases

•    also, likewise, in comparison,

•    in the same way, similarly

Providing an Example

•    for example,

•    for instance, namely, specifically,

•    the following example..., to illustrate

Contrasting Phrases

•    conversely, despite, even though, however,

•    in contrast, in spite of, instead, nevertheless, nonetheless,

•    otherwise, regardless, still, to the contrary,

•    yet, in this case, for what it’s worth

•    notwithstanding, on the contrary, on the one hand, on the other hand

Making a Concession

•    although it is true that,

•    Granted,

•    I admit that, it may appear that,

•     naturally, of course

Summarizing ideas

•    after all, all in all,

•    as I have said,

•    as we have seen,

•    in any event, in brief,

•     in closing,

•    in conclusion

•    in short, in summary,

•    in retrospect,

•    on the whole, therefore,

•    to conclude,

•    to sum up, to summarize

Situating Phrases in Time

•    after a while, afterward,

•    as soon as, at length,

•    at that time, before, briefly, consequently,

•    finally,

•    in the meantime,

•    meanwhile, next,

•    soon, then, thereafter, until, when

•    shortly, simultaneously, subsequently, so far,

•    now, presently,

•    first (second, third, etc.)

Showing Conclusions

•    Accordingly

•    as a consequence, as a result

•    because, consequently,

•    then, thereupon, so,

•    then, therefore, thus

•    “What should be done about this?”

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